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Kathrein is an international enterprise active in antenna and communications technology. For more than 85 years the group of companies has been developing, producing and marketing a wide range of antenna systems and signal processing products. Always being one step ahead in technology has ensured that Kathrein is among the leading companies in the world market. The Kathrein Group is active in the following product ranges:

• Transmitting and reception antennas for FM, TV, MMDS, DVB and DAB
• Antenna systems for mobile communication networks
• Combiners and amplifiers for mobile communication base stations
• Satellite and terrestrial reception systems
• CATV HFC nets and headends
• Mobile radio antennas and reception systems
• Telecommunication systems
• Car antennas and electronics

Offering over 4,500 different products covering many different fields of telecommunication technology, Kathrein is the largest and oldest manufacturer of antennas world-wide. One of our basic principles is to constantly look for perfect solutions to all our customers' requirements, assisted through our traditional Quality Assurance System which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The Kathrein Group
The Kathrein Group has over 5,100 employees at 4 factories in Rosenheim, at 7 National Sales Offices and in 54 independently operating companies, either wholly or partially owned by Professor Dr. Anton Kathrein. The Kathrein Group turnover will reach the 1450 million US $ level this year (forecast 2005). Globally active, over 50% of the group´s turnover is achieved abroad.

Research and Testing Area

More than 300 engineers and technicians in our development divisions constantly search for innovative solutions to satisfy our customers. To support this activity, about 10% of the annual turnover is steadily invested in this vital, future-securing domain. It is the dynamic of the modern telecommunications market which demands this steady high investment. The results can be clearly seen when you consider that 50% of our annual turn-over is achieved with products less than 2 years old. On the scientific front, we work closely with technical colleges of higher education and technical universities at home and abroad - an up to date technical base, which has proved most efficient for our research projects.

Production facilities in Rosenheim / Germany:
Anton Kathrein
Anton Kathrein Strasse 1-3
Schliersee Strasse 4
Schliersee Strasse 4
Klepper Strasse 24
Klepper Strasse 24
Ing. Anton Kathrein Strasse 1-7
Ing. Anton Kathrein Strasse 1-7


- Satellite receiving and distribution systems.
- IF-network equipment.

- Optical transmitting and receiving systems.
- Transit stations for cable networks.

- Antennas for fixed
cellular phone network.
-Antennas for GCM, UMTS

- Antenna systems for
mobile communications
- Filter, combiner and
- Indoor antenna

- Broadcasting antennas for RF and TV stations
- Filters, combiners, Amplifiers

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